Need for home-grown cyber security solutions

Cybersecurity is a worldwide concern. Everyone is facing this issue as there are various specific challenges related to its rising, cloud-enabled attack surface, and the rise of both accomplished amateur cyber criminals and state-sponsored efforts; the impact of data breaches has wide-reaching consequences. With India previously encountering a significant skills lack and businesses often at danger of zero-day and rising threats thanks to a be short of top-tier security solutions, noteworthy change is necessary.

“Based on the research, we have come up with a roadmap to build and promote an ecosystem for cybersecurity products and services companies and build necessary capabilities,” Rama Vedashree, chief executive of DSCI told Business Standard in an interview.

“We are exploring industry-academia collaboration, commercialisation of cybersecurity products and getting global companies to invest in India for Cybersecurity research and development.” he added.

With these conditions, the government and industry have come together to arrange a roadmap for creating a stage for digital and cyber security products and solution businesses. This comprises creating a particular finance for cyber security start-ups companies and prepares them to construct confined solutions to undertake internet security disputes.

With all these things professionals in India has started taking small steps towards building cyber capability.

“At a national level, India is making steady progress on cybersecurity awareness and leadership. However, even the United States, which is widely considered ahead of the pack on this issue, is still grappling with major cybersecurity challenges today. Cybersecurity isn’t won or lost on a national level,” said Bryce Boland, Chief Technology Officer for the Asia Pacific at Fire Eye.”In some ways, cyber attacks are 21-century outbreaks, and if we want to stay secure, we need extensive immunity and attentiveness. India is not there yet.

It’s important to mention that, however, that investment at home and partnerships overseas won’t be able to right away resolve the cyber skills gap. To tackle this matter, Indian cyber security proponents may require tapping computerized and innovative solutions and strong cybersecurity tools, such as cognitive security tools that influence the reimbursement of consciousness, machine knowledge and cloud computing. Along with this various cybersecurity courses also help the individuals to gain skills necessary for Cybersecurity as the field is emerging both in India and abroad, a small step towards this will be the foundation of long-term evolution for India’s cybersecurity effort.

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