Phishing Scams– the only threat?

In a world, where more than 50 thousand cyber-attacks happen in a day, you can’t just stick and only be concerned subjecting phishing scams, you have to be universal and hack-proof from all different type of attacks, especially when you’re an organization.

And today we’re going to talk about the same topic “Is Phishing the only threat you should focus on organizational security?”.

Most of the organizations nowadays are just looking to defend themselves from one type of attack (to be said specifically – phishing scams) when it comes to cyber security. But it’s not enough to be only secured to just one type of attack. There are literally hundreds of types of attacks possible in the current threat landscape. Though we agree to the fact that Phishing scams are the largest and biggest cyber threat which are used by hackers.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a  Ransomware or CEO Attack, most of the hackers initiate an attack with Phishing first. If they fail to get through with it, then they use different methods. So, defending from phishing scams is a must for an organization but still one shouldn’t only remain worried about Phishing.

Phishing Scams - the only Threat?
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Phishing has a success rate of 95% and around 90% of the organization are vulnerable and on the risk of being hacked through. Kaspersky alone has blocked around 51 million phishing attempts in 2017. So, we can say that the market for phishing attack is quite wide and even the audience targeted also gets trapped with it. But Along with Phishing Scams, there are so many other attack vectors that an organization has to defend themselves from. Attacks like – Ransomware, Risk of Removable Media, Cyber Scam, Vishing, and Smishing.


While organizations are making their way to stay secure from Phishing Attacks, Ransomware attacks are making their way into the organizations. Ransomware is proved to be most dangerous for the organizations as they have emerged so much in last year like – WannaCry, Bad Rabbit, Petya and Not Petya. One of the most famous ransomware of all time, WannaCry- alone has made organizations lose $4 Billion worldwide, and even other ransomware are not left behind as NotPetya made FedEx lose around $300 Million itself!

BEC Attacks should also not be ignored, as 96% of the organizations have received BEC (Business Email Compromise) Emails in 2017, and also there was a huge increase of 2370% loss globally.

Talking about statistics – Ransomware has a strong market of $5 Billion in 2017 and $350 Million in 2016. BEC Attacks has led organization’s loss $794 Million in the second half of 2016, and till now it has carried around 5 Billion Dollar, while most of the ransomware is shared through phishing.

So, saying that Phishing Scams are the only Threat to the organization would be a foolish thing.

Organizations should have to protect themselves, their Web Apps from Phishing along with Ransomware, MITM, RCEs, and Data Tampering Attack, and on the verge of the same – to protect the organizations from different cyber-attacks cyber security firm Kratikal comes up with an Innovative attack simulation tool  ThreatCop. ThreatCop has the ability to work in real time and reduce the Cyber risk up to 90% in just 30 days.

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