Data Privacy


Data breaches are high-priced, so it's preeminent to keep away from them. According to studies, the price for each lost record is increasing with each passing year, and notice costs make up a big proportion of that outline, frequently stretching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A less unswerving cost of breaches is that they consequence in customer disbelieve. The belongings that a security event can have on a company's status and brand image can be long-term and overwhelming, particularly if the association isn't open and truthful about the infringing with its customer base. In today’s hazard setting, it is significant to your association to make an attentive culture where every worker is empowered to check and distinguish attacks, recognize how to react to security incidents and serve up your consumers in a safe and amenable manner.


Kratikal products and services facilitate you determine and defend the responsive information you are transmitting, collecting, and retaining so you can evade a data breach in the initial place. Our full of collection portfolio also enables you to decrease the time, price and difficulty of responding to a variety of state and worldwide data privacy mandates.

Manage Risk
Through knowledge programs, your business can build up a vital approach towards risk management that allows every constituent of an association to recognize and report on risks to protect systems, networks, and amenities from attack.

Notify and hold Your Users
You can choose from a variety of lessons that cover refuge and compliance best practices.

Data Loss avoidance
Allows you to find out and categorize susceptible data and stop it from leaving the network.

Helps you increase visibility through uncovering, prioritization, containment, and improvement of events and pressure.

Security Education
Trains your employees and contractors to recognize the danger of social engineering and use various steps for securing data, including the protected use of the web and other social media platforms.


Kratikal TrustKeeper Compliance helps its clients to centrally automate and administer controls, policies, and actions across manifold compliance frameworks, together with HIPAA. Through our cloud based portal, you can use Compliance Manager which offers a real-time analysis into the position of your compliance programs and offer access to the entire of your managed services. Through one simple-to-use control panel, you can submit various requests to check history and reports to supervise your account at any time.