PCI DSS is widely set of procedures and policies intended to optimize the security. Any company that processes, stores or send out cardholder data is required to be PCI compliant. Like any compliance management, the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) can be multifaceted and tricky to handle. At Kratikal, we recognize PCI compliance and how it can assist your industry to become much more protected. Kratikal has services and technologies for all kind of organization (small and mid-sized also) that cover every feature of compliance to help you accomplish and uphold compliance to aid you to find the way for the process.

Kratikal has profound roots and management in PCI compliance. We have several years of experience in working with shareholders of all sizes. Kratikal can help you whatever your requirements and thus elevate your security stance and restructure your compliance process.


We as the proven head in PCI compliance, we have built a considerate, efficient process for helping you to secure your data and attain compliance. There are several reasons that all-size businesses, acquirers, processors, and ISOs prefer Kratikal:

24*7 Support
Our panel of experienced compliance hold analysts is accessible 24x7x365. In-depth training makes sure our professional analyst can support businesses of all sizes, from the largest venture to the solitary proprietor.

Right to use to World-Class PCI professionals
The award-winning platform offered by us is one of the secure portals we've been working intimately with the PCI Security Standards Council since its beginning. Whether you are a big endeavor working with industry-leading professionals or a small business carrying out your Self-Assessment survey, your knowledge will reflect the world-class knowledge behind the procedure.

Safety Portfolio facilitates Compliance
Kratikal helps you utilize right security practices, which restructures the procedure of achieving and upholding compliance. The Kratikal set of security products and managed services can assist you to guard critical assets and conflict advancing threats while addressing growing consents.

Supported by Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence
In addition, Kratikal is renowned by PCI Security. We observe billions of security proceedings globally each day and create exclusive threat intelligence that fuels our services.


User Requirements Designed for Security and Compliance Tools.

The Kratikal PCI compliance unites a security monitoring tools and compliance validation framework in the award-winning TrustKeeper management policy as well as superior technology and professional consulting. Kratikal offers TrustKeeper a secure web-based portal that distributes integrated, centralized, and on-demand management of compliance and safety programs.

Compliance Manager offered by us is a real-time means that offer apparent and actionable information accessible through a solitary, consolidated view of the CVS (Compliance Validation Service) for both the client and the QSA. Various small and medium-sized businesses depend on this PCI Manager.