PCI DSS is a necessary compliance for any company dealing in online transactions or storing credit card data. Failure to protect online transactions can invite severe sanctions and penalties under cyber laws of the country. PCI DSS can be a lengthy, tricky and often time-consuming affair, if not conducted by competent authorities. At Kratikal we realise the importance of your resources and work in a succinct manner to achieve PCI Compliance within the shortest possible time.

Our team has the expertise of handling PCI compliance for several large and medium enterprises. Our team has worked with businesses dealing with various verticals like online payments, E-Commerce websites, Travel and Tourism, E-Wallets and cloud service providers.


Getting compliant to PCI DSS will be just another day for you, owing to the expertise of Kratikal. We follow a systematic approach in all our compliance programs to ensure minimum business disruption, efficient compliance migrations and maximum efficiency. Then we start with. There are primarily four phases and in each phase, there can be several sub-phases:

Stage I: Scope Determination
Our expert implementers start by understanding the business process, realising the current state of the IT infrastructure. We list out the assets or network segment in the current scope.

Stage II: Gap Analysis
We perform a detailed assessment of the shortcomings of the current state of IT assets against the recommended standards of PCI DSS and industry best practices.

Stage III: Implementation
Aligning current processes with the guidelines of PCI, keeping in mind the latest recommendations of PCI DSS. We implement necessary controls and modify current information flow processes to improve the security posture of the organisation.

Stage IV: Internal Audit
Under this stage, we perform a final checklist-oriented audit to verify adherence to suggested controls and implementation. This helps us rectify process oversights and enforce employee level controls if needed.

Stage V: Certification
Certification process is carried out by independent auditors, not by the implementers. We bring the auditor for the certification process. Thus, we take care of end to end process from scope determination to certification making the whole process easy for the client.

Depending upon the number of employees, scale of organisation, IT Assets, Network, card data flow and geographical spread, the exact duration of the process will vary.

For more details, you can drop a mail to sales@kratikal.com. Our customer facilitators will call you back.


Ensure the safety and security of your customer's payment card data.

Avoid the financial penalties and negative PR.

Demonstrate that your company places a high value on security.

Comply with other legislation like GDPR.

Provide guidance on how merchants can protect themselves.

No loss of business continuity.