Kratikal helps educational institutions in keeping the balance in knowledge sharing between students and teachers while securing the educational and personal data.


With time Colleges and universities present productive position for cyber criminals. They encourage the strength of academic sincerity and function in the decentralized method. Various things like learning about sensitive information such as credit card and Social Security numbers within institutions of higher learning is much important with growing cyber crimes. Attackers also are strained to the network speed of colleges and universities and employ their vulnerable systems as a beginning cushion for attacks alongside other organizations.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reported a considerable rise in educational breaches from last few years. The institutions face exclusive challenges as compared to corporations, government agencies and other organizations.


Protect and secure sensitive Data
The data of most of the colleges and universities is overrunning, some of which is susceptible, and they are uncertain exactly where all of it is enclosed. We assist you to discover and categorize those data sets that present the uppermost risk and then proffer technology to maintain and prevent them from leaving the system in the incorrect hands.

Offers Network Access Control
Make certain that the managed and unmanaged devices linking to the network activity in accordance with policies and do not initiate malware.

Web Application Firewall
Kratikal offers you with web application firewall security to protect sensitive information against external attackers.

Meet various ISO & Compliance Standards
Pressures such as FERPA and PCI-DSS, and standards like ISO 27002, need organizations to have a systematic perceptive of their risks and then be competent to implement policies and technology to fix issues. Kratikal standards are created with compliance in mind, and unswervingly can map back to all of your needs, no matter how prescriptive they are.


Kratikal is well positioned to handle various colleges and universities constantly emerging threats like mobile and to move from a network-focused security plan to one that is more information centric. We offer you with Integrates advanced email security services that help you to analyze, encryption, inbound/outbound content analysis, compliance, data leakage hindrance and powerful policy configuration into a single solution. In addition to this, Kratikal also instructs your employees and contractors to recognize the threat of social engineering and follow finest practices for security, including password management and the safe and sound use of social media tools.