Training & Certification

Train and certify yourself with Kratikal's "Securing The Human" Vision


To create a positive impact in the IT industry in India in the long run by upgrading the technical know-how of the Education industry closely associated with the IT industry, Kratikal aims to transform the current scenario of this industry through its team, which consists of young-yet-knowledgable experts, to a level where organizations and individuals feel safe and secure, yet vigilant about their digital lives, and to ensure the security of systems which happen to inhabit millions of databases containing confidential information. There are various training programs conducted by Kratikal all over India.

Cyber Security Basics

Cyber Security Basics is an awareness course curriculum for non-technical individuals to introduce them to the basics of IT security, the types of threats and their remediation strategies. All non-tech employees of an organization like Accounts, HR, Sales and Marketing should attend this training session to improve the cyber hygiene of the organisation. Over 90% of cyber threats, data breaches and ransomware attacks can be averted by a trained employee.

Certified Security Tester

This is a beginner level course for IT Professionals, Technical Graduates, Cyber Security Enthusiasts and Entry level IT professionals of any IT-enabled company. The course is designed keeping in mind the current requirements of the industry and forged under the guidance of academic and industry experts. It has been tailored to suit the requirements of your organization with special emphasis on network and system security.

HackPro-Corporate Information Security Training

Kratikal's corporate information security training drives positive employee behavior change with our comprehensive web-based course library and communication resources. Our suite of scenario-based courses and modules can be quickly deployed to address your compliance and audit requirements, as well as customized to provide an effective client-tailored program.We produce trackable results and provide insight into the effectiveness and benefits of the e-learning solutions, creating long term relationships with clients. By focusing on key topics and providing an annual plan that reinforces security throughout the year, employees will have the knowledge required to produce a more secure workplace, and with our reporting features and assessments, you can have confidence that your training is effective.