Vulnerability Management

Managed Security Testing

Managed Security Testing from Kratikal permits cyber security teams to take a programmatic approach towards vulnerability management through managed vulnerability scanning across networks, databases, and applications, as well as, in-depth manual penetration testing of networks and applications.

Managed Web Application Firewall

Hacker’s main target is E-commerce sites because these web applications hold valuable details of numerous credit account and identity robbery information. In addition to this, about 99% of the applications assessed by Kratikal in 2014 included at least one severe susceptibility.

Database & Big Data Scanning

Database and big data are one of the important aspects of an organization. These are also the alluring target for cyber invaders, and many organizations fall short in shielding these significant repositories of customer property. Kratikal offers you with AppDetectivePRO which is database vulnerability assessment software that can be used by businesses organizations use to distinguish and remediate vulnerabilities, association errors, invalid installations, and login problems in their database deployments.

Application Scanning

Threats are mounting more unfriendly. Budgets are stretched. Human skills are at a first-rate and business imperatives can create risks as well as inefficiencies like mobility, social media, web applications, and big data in case not managed properly. With advanced threats, you have to determine the risk to handle them. Today's fastest-growing risk type is web application vulnerabilities. Security analysts have rough and ready have estimated about 75% of attacks now mark the application layer.

Network Vulnerability Scanning

With our Network vulnerability scanning, you can keep a trail of the systems, applications, and databases on your network and their correlated vulnerabilities all the means from beginning to end their life cycle and series. Kratikal Vulnerability Management proffers you a front view into the applications, systems, and databases residing on your network and how those resources may be susceptible to attack.