Application Scanning


Threats are mounting more unfriendly. Budgets are stretched. Human skills are at a first-rate and business imperatives can create risks as well as inefficiencies like mobility, social media, web applications, and big data in case not managed properly. With advanced threats, you have to determine the risk to handle them. Today's fastest-growing risk type is web application vulnerabilities. Security analysts have rough and ready have estimated about 75% of attacks now mark the application layer, exploiting more than six thousand known vulnerabilities. The question arises how will you find your web application vulnerabilities and remediate them before the attacker do?

With our extremely perfect in-house AutoSecT product and the combination of highly experienced security experts, you can without human intervention detects web vulnerabilities, prioritize them, and use quality practice recommendation to speedily mend or block them. AutoSecT also proffers the extensive variety of form factors and depths of scan to Paramount congregate your security and business requirements.


Saves you precious time or App Expertise?
Let our expert professionals run the scans for your web application and provide you with validated results.

Cost-effective Budget
Use our on-demand scanning platform at whatsoever intensity of scan makes logic for your app and company needs.

Need a Little of Everything?
Kratikal App Scanner proffers a Hybrid software and managed service offering that stores all your results in one database and dashboard.

Big Teams
Kratikal App scanner delivers you centralized visibility and can scan unlimited apps for industry-leading apps.


Kratikal AutoSecT solution tool automates the process of finding security vulnerabilities in web applications and services. Its patented scanning engine hold an emulated browser, which traverses application simply as a user would. The scanning engine Hailstorm conducts mock “attacks” designed to disclose whether particular vulnerabilities exploited by criminal hackers.

Hailstorm looks at real performance, as opposed to cipher strings, so it is correct with very little negative positives. This can detect numerous of vulnerabilities in web applications, web services and cloud and mobile applications.