Database & Big Data Scanning


Kratikal helps the customers to secure their big data by discovering, and configuration errors, recognition and right to use control issues, misplaced patches or any contaminated mixture of settings. Our professionals have discovered and reported numerous of vulnerabilities in several databases. Our Database Security Team is capable of protecting your databases, no issue about its shape or size.

Security programs for enterprises
Even your company is one of the largest companies in the world and is still struggling with the maturity of their IT security programs. Kratikal helps several organizations to resolve this challenge by providing finding out databases, scan them, find their issues, report on them and facilitate remediate any exposed deficiency.

Small and Midsize Businesses
Automate scans is one of the best things that your IT staff need to do from time to time. For this, you also need class tools to help you discover and revamp weaknesses. No issue how small a database operation you have, we proffer security knowledge and a computerized way to find out shortfalls – without the need to be a proficient in database safety.

Quality Security Auditors and Practices
AppDetectivePRO has long been used by security consultants to complete tasks such as compliance assessments and risk evaluations. These professionals recognize the database as a mission-critical asset that must be reviewed for vulnerabilities and other issues.



  • Re-evaluate: Flawlessly survey your environment's available assets, user right to use levels and protection feature usage.
  • Record: Recognize and emphasize freshly added, missing data store installations and objections.
  • Authentication: Quickly discover the arrangement state of all of your data stores.

Assess and Monitor

  • Flexibility: Acquire an agentless evaluation approach with no bang on the objective data store.
  • Orientation Center: With this, you can access a complete and incessantly updated library of a relational database and big data store susceptibility and security configuration issues.
  • Customization: Inspect data stores for a problem connected to vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and user privileges.


  • Visibility: Gain a consolidated view of vulnerabilities, threats, risks and compliance efforts across varied data store environments – through reports and dashboards.
  • Empowerment: Document your current status, and demonstrate progress, effectiveness and operational efficiency.
  • Granular: Evaluate trends and drill down for a comprehensive view of each person database or group of databases.


Excavate deeper into the marks
You're competent to check results ordered by threat level for each asset and an absolute information base article about each decision.

Analyze your search
View all of the resources you revealed in your session and a graphical representation of results from your most modern scan.

Uncover Actionable Findings
Summary reports make available comprehensive information about each susceptibility unearthed during the scanning process.