Managed Security Testing


With latest bugs, the businesses realize the need for pro-active security testing, and budgets are rising as a consequence. There are a number of challenges that procuring security testing presents:

  • We are anticipating in future testing needs
  • Conducting testing in an appropriate approach
  • Making testing a well-organized, business-as-usual initiative rather than a hindrance
  • Getting first-rate testing across manifold asset types
  • Fulfilling compliance requirements
  • Efficiently managing numerous tests, and re-testing, over the period of the year.


Kratikal designed the basic four levels of penetration testing to line up with various threats to your network. Depending on your financial plan and the business-value you allocate to the resources you plan to test, you need to select one of the following levels of testing for applications or internal or external networks:

1. Primary Threat
This basic primary threat simulates the most widespread attacks executed in the world today. This type of attacker typically uses publicly-available, preset attack tools.

2. Strategic Threat
This type of threat builds upon the primary threat and simulates a strategic attack implemented by an accomplished attacker that does not pay out an extensive amount of time executing extremely complicated attacks. This type of attacker seeks trouble-free targets (”low-hanging fruit”) and will use a blend of robotic tools and manual exploitation to penetrate their goals.

3. Targeted Threat
Simulates a targeted attack executed by an accomplished, enduring attacker that has targeted an exact organization. This category of the attacker will spend noteworthy resources and endeavor to try to compromise an organization's systems.

4. Advanced Threat
Advanced threat simulates highly advanced threats executed by a highly motivated, well-funded and tremendously sophisticated invader who will tire out all options for settlement before relenting.


Keep pace with business demands
Our data security leaders are aware what your business demands. According to Security Report 4 out of 5, IT professionals report being pressured to roll out IT projects regardless of security concern. Become accustomed quickly to transform and keep up with business demands without leaving security concerns behind.

Make funds planning testing costs affordable
Many IT security experts know that they will need security testing all over the year, but not precisely how much. With our Managed Security Testing's pre-scoped scans and tests, making planning is easier and more precise. With our quarterly payments plans, penetration testing becomes a conventional operating expense that can be built into your budgets.

Get quality testing whenever you need it, take away the hassle
Avoid long-lasting negotiations and agreement held up in legal with Managed Security Testing's flex-spend model. You can simply enroll a target in testing in minutes and plan a test with just 2 weeks' lead time in fewer than 5 clicks.

Validate and re-test fixes at no additional cost
You can validate and fix re-tests for your website at no additional cost included with any penetration test will re-evaluate findings, wherever possible, to provide confirmation of remediation and mitigation actions and support execution of compliance requirements.

Carry out repeatable scanning and testing
With us, you will accurately know what to expect from Managed Security Testing across your databases and applications. Offers consolidate management and reporting with numerous inconsistent report formats and tracking spreadsheets.

Create or sustain compliance
Various standards, such as the PCI DSS, need vulnerability scanning and penetration testing applications. Managed Security Testing helps you to fulfill all PCI DSS requirements, such as 6.6 and 11.3 and provides in progress assessment of the security of your networks to support Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, FISMA and GLBA/FFIEC compliance efforts.


Now with Kratikal you can identify your testing budget and deal out it as you see fit. Your account balance reduces with each network, database, or application you enroll, and you can replenish your account at any instance.

  • With this, an opening balance is credited to your account
  • You can easily enroll a database, network or application goal and decide the level of testing
  • Your account balance is debited according to predefined pricing
  • You can plan your tests for the enrolled network or application easily
  • A Kratikal cyber expert professional conduct the test
  • Dynamic reporting is accessible in the portal
  • You can manage and view e-reporting within the portal
  • If needed, you can schedule maintenance testing to conduct re-test fixes

Kratikal online reporting portal carries real-time access to detailed, actionable results. Our portal makes it trouble-free to take action on your information, follow results, manage progress, and remediate vulnerabilities from a solitary source.