Network Vulnerability Scanning


Kratikal Vulnerability Management allows you to supervise a prioritized listing of vulnerabilities, appreciate how to mend them and create reports detailing and verifying your remediation development in excess of time.

Why do businesses prefer Kratikal over the competition for vulnerability scanning and management?

  • Offers increased scan efficiency.
  • Significantly less false positives.
  • Centralization of both inner and outer scanning management.
  • Integration with a number of Kratikal products and services including.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Compliance Manager


Kratikal services provide an absolute vision of vulnerability risk exposure across the organization.

Kratikal Vulnerability Manager, housed within the award-winning portal, provides IT and security professionals with insight into their network vulnerabilities and exposure to attack and/or compromise from outside and inside the corporate firewall.

Kratikal Vulnerability Manager helps customers meet both IT security objectives – such as protecting confidential data and ensuring the integrity and availability of IT systems – and compliance goals, including auditing security controls to safeguard sensitive information.

Kratikal Vulnerability Manager centralizes the management of these methods in the cloud to permit customers to:

  • Display compliance by means of audit-ready reporting.
  • Stay confined from rising threats.
  • Scan repetitively to increase real-time insight.
  • Monitor networks to recognize IT inventory.
  • Take instant action on discovered vulnerabilities with recommendations from Kratikal security professionals


You start managing the errors and vulnerabilities within your network by logging into the portal to plan an internal or external scan.

Your inspect will commence on the date you choose and continue to carry out the following progression:

System detection
Identify servers, appliances and other procedure on the network.

Service Discovery
Help in identifying the open ports and services available.

Vulnerability Detection
Execute tests based on the protocol, OS, and application data gathered in the discovery phase.

Arrange and track vulnerabilities based on quality class for remediation to formulate threat lessening efforts actionable.