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Kratikal provides complete suite of manual and automated security testing services. We have global expertise on Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing along with Compliance Management services for large corporations and Fortune 500 Enterprises, spread across the US, New Zealand, India, the UK and the Middle East.

Application Security Testing

Web and Mobile Applications are the primary entry point for attackers. These apps are often left vulnerable due to factors like enormous pressure on Development teams to meet deadlines, vulnerable third-party APIs, insecure platform usages and lack of secure coding methodologies. Kratikal offers Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for web and mobile applications.


PCI DSS is a set of procedures and policies that are intended to optimize organizations that handle online trasactions. Any company that processes, stores or sends out cardholder data is required to be PCI compliant. At Kratikal, we recognize PCI compliance and how it can assist your industry to become much more protected. We have several years of experience in working with shareholders of all sizes.

Server security Testing

Servers are goldmines of information for the attacker. Application Servers are home to the source code of the application, configuration files, cryptographic keys and lots of other important data. Database servers are high-value targets for the attackers as they house confidential information like usernames and passwords of the consumer, bank account details, credit card information, sensitive personal information.


Any association maintaining or transmitting via ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) must comply with HIPAA. Kratikal provides a complete portfolio that can assist businesses of any dimension to respond to HIPAA regulations. With our experience of working with international healthcare organisations, we are best suited to support the executive, physical and technological requirements of HIPPA for your organizations.

Network Penetration Testing

Network management of any organisation is one of the easiest target for attacks. Wireless Networks are highly vulnerable to attacks like MiTM, DoS, De-Authentication attacks. Apart from such threats, network is also vulnerable to DoS attacks, Malware Attacks, Snooping and Man-in-the Middle attacks.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 aims to protect information in all forms. Kratikal has a 5-phase approach that starts with determining the scope of work, followed by determining the ISMS objectives. This is followed by risk assessment and gap analysis, where we recommend and advise you additional security controls. Our detailed risk assessment includes all forms technical and non-technical infrastructure (People, Process and Technology).

About us

Kratikal Tech. Pvt. Ltd. is the trusted standard for companies and individuals acquiring services to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from baffling Cyber-attacks. We have been involved in designing and successfully implementing cost-effective information security management systems since the standard was first introduced. We approach IT security, cyber-crime cases and penetration testing issues from a management perspective. Kratikal is committed to engaging business leaders in developing and implementing new techniques along with a support staff which is available 24X7.

Our Skills

Web Application Security
Mobile App Security
Network Security
In-house Penetration Testing
IT Security Training

Why Choose Us?


Kratikal is a strong, experienced team of experts with extensive specialization in security testing. Our team is brought together by a passion for excellence and creating awareness on Information Security.


Kratikal's attention to detailed processes, strict adherence to international standards, and fully transparency speak for themselves. Our testing methods focus on the prevention and early detection of vulnerabilities, as well as innovative methods of testing for defects at a later stage. Our approach incorporates industry leading testing methodologies, tools and best practices along with immediate response to any queries and susceptible circumstances.


Kratikal provides continuous monitoring of internal and external logs & events from the security and other network devices, coupled with threat intelligence and manual analysis of events by experts. We provide a 360 degree security state to security managers of organizations on a daily basis with managed reports and documentations.

Our Services

Managed Security Testing

Kratikal offers Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for web and mobile applications to find security loopholes, authentication flaws, zero-day vulnerabilities in your application. We adhere to international standards like OWASP, OSSTMM and SANS to perform in-depth assessment of your applications.

Compliance Management

Kratikal offers you with TrustKeeper Compliance Manager that helps you to centrally computerize and handle controls, policies, and actions across numerous compliance frameworks. Compliance Manager is delivered through TrustKeeper portal, which offers an instantaneous view into the rank of your compliance and safety programs and offers right of entry to all of your managed services.

What Clients Say

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"In their pentesting results, we came across few gaps which our teams couldn't have ever identified or spotted. Kratikal made us realize that getting an external perspective into how we are performing can have great benefits."

Ashutosh, Director(Mobile/Internet), Knowlarity
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"From high level concepts to hands on training,Kratikal's courses provide enough details and depth to allow us to show the skillsets learned immediately after the learning, allowing our employees to see their return on investment."

Unisys Global
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"I had a really good experience working with Kratikal. They are a very professional team who are clearly very knowledge in their space. They work dedicatedly for any project they recieve and supported me throughout the terms with them."

JP Bhatt, CEO, ImpactQA

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