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Kratikal provides complete suite of manual and automated security testing services. Kratikal provides a range of Global Expertise on Vulnerability Assessment with Web Application and Infrastructure Testing options for large corporations and Fortune 500 Enterprises. Learn about a few of our testing expertises here.

Web & Mobile Application Testing

This process checks the performance and security of the web & mobile applications. Our team tests for potential vulnerabilities including the top ten threats identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) along with web load and stress testing with benchmarking and application performance evaluation under various environment characterizations including: connection speeds, user loads, and user activities.

IT Infrastructure Security

Kratikal's vision describes Information security with infrastructure security and we offer the full gamut of security services from monitoring to testing to management of the applications,network and infrastructures along with Risk & vulnerability assessments, 24x7 monitoring for internal/external threats, Installation, configuration & management of security infrastructure Security Operations Center (SOC).

Emergency Response

With the prevalence of computer network and ease of use, network information security has long been an international issue. Kratikal Emergency reponse team handles network and information security incidents which requires immediate support to the clients which can help optimize the capability of immediate monitor, coordination, response and handling in the face of security incident.

Network Security

Network Security is an important aspect of securing an organization from cyber attacks. Kratikal's network security services scan and protect the network from global threats. We perform in-depth scanning of your LAN and suggest preventive hardware and software to protect your network. It helps the organization to maintain the continuity and resilience of their network.

Corporate Training

Kratikal's corporate information security training drives positive employee behavior change with our comprehensive web-based course library and communication resources. Our suite of scenario-based courses and modules can be quickly deployed to address your compliance and audit requirements, as well as customized to provide an effective client-tailored program.

Audit and Compliances

Kratikal offers exhaustive audit and compliance services designed to help companies maintain to the world class standard in terms of security. Our team of experts specialize in compliance audits and has been helping companies with certification of PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27000 series, COBIT 5 and NCIIPC related compliances.

About us

Kratikal Tech. Pvt. Ltd. is the trusted standard for companies and individuals acquiring services to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from baffling Cyber-attacks. We have been involved in designing, and successfully implementing, cost-effective information security management systems since the standard was first introduced. We approach IT security, cyber-crime cases and penetration testing issues from a management perspective. We are committed to engaging business leaders in developing and implementing new techniques along with 24X7 support.

Our Skills

Web Application Security
Mobile App Security
Network Security
In-house Penetration Testing
IT Security Training

Why Choose Us?


Kratikal is a strong, experienced team of experts with extensive specialization in security testing. The Kratikal team is brought together by a passion for excellence and creating awareness on Information Security.


Kratikal's attention to detailed processes, strict adherence to international standards, and fully transparency speak for themselves. Our testing methods focus on the prevention and early detection of vulnerabilities, as well as innovative methods of testing for defects at a later stage. Our approach incorporates industry leading testing methodologies, tools and best practices along with immediate response to any queries and susceptible circumstances.


Kratikal provides continuous monitoring of internal and external logs & events from the security and other network devices, coupled with threat intelligence and manual analysis of events by experts. We provide a 360 degree security state to security managers of organizations on a daily basis with managed reports and documentations.

Our Services

Managed Security Services

Kratikal's application testing services ensure profitability by addressing operational, tactical, andstrategic business requirements with customer- centric solutions.

Governance, Risk and Compliances

Governance and Risk Compliance is important for IT industries. It exhibits adherance to international standards of data security. Kratikal performs complianc

Training & Certification

Kratikal provides training ethical hacking &information security along with certifcation like KCEH, KSCA etc. To groom the students and corporates with the knowledge of ethical hacking and Information security, Kratikal plans to conduct training services across the country.

Whats Client Say

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I had a really good experience working with Kratikal. They are a very professional team who are clearly very knowledge in their space. They work dedicatedly for any project they recieve and supported me throughout the terms with them.

JP Bhatt, CEO, ImpactQA
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Kratikal’s passion for information security makes them a very valuable asset for any corporation, large or small. I would recommend Kratikal for any organization that is looking to build a successful IT/Information Security Department.

Krishna Basudevan, Ex-CTO, Ciso Cybersecurity Pvt Ltd
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From high level concepts to hands on training,Kratikal's courses provide enough details and depth to allow us to show the skillsets learned immediately after the learning, allowing our employees to see their return on investment.

Unisys Global