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Kratikal Tech. Pvt. Ltd. is the trusted standard for companies and individuals acquiring services to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from baffling Cyber-attacks. We provide end to end cyber security solutions to our clients. Our thrust on securing the People-Process-Technology has enabled us to offer impenetrable security to our clients across the world. We provide complete suite of manual and automated security testing services. Kratikal provides a range of Global Expertise on cyber security services.

Services & Product

Kratikal is a seasoned MSSP. We have successfully identified, mitigated and investigated countless vulnerabilities, network attacks, malware intrusions and data breaches in our client networks. Our service offerings include Application Testing, Network Security, Identity Management and Infrastructure Security. In-depth Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests and expertise of industry standards, security benchmarks, tools and frameworks are some of our unique offerings.

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Adherence to internationally accepted and government mandated compliances can be headache if not handled by competent professionals. Our sophisticated approach to compliance management helps you decide which compliance is the best fit per your requirement. It also helps you make sense of confusing and often contradictory practises as prescribed by different standards like ISO27001, COBIT, SOX. Our end to end support ensure minimum business intervention, swift implementation and maximum compliant level among the business processes and employees.

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Kratikal's Threat Cop is dedicated to make sure that employees in your organization are equipped with enough knowledge to tackle and be prepared against the growing web attacks like phishing, smishing, ransomware etc . Our SaaS based tool ensures to reduce the threat posture of your organization upto 90% by reducing the vulnerability status of the employees or any department for guaranteed resilience.

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