Why is employee risk score necessary?

In many surveys, it was found that most of the cyber-attacks are successful because of the negligence on the part of employees. This fact is extremely concerning in nature since an organization’s most important resource is its data and information. The custodian of this data is its employees. In case, the employees within the organization are vulnerable to such threats, the possibility of an organization being prone to such cyber-attacks increases.

With employee risk score, the organization can measure the vulnerability of its employees. The score helps the organization to analyse employees’ behaviour and response towards various cyber-attacks.

Employees are then scored in percentage that identifies employees’ level of vulnerability. If the percentage is less than the threshold limit, the employee is safe from such cyber-attacks. If this percentage is equivalent to or more than the threshold limit, the employee is considered vulnerable to these attacks.

With employee risk score, organizations can track and classify employees according to the level of vulnerability in which they fall. This score will help organizations to decide on policies that can help in building up the immunity of vulnerable employees.

The employee risk score is also very helpful in comparing employees’ performance before and after going through the awareness program. In case, no improvement is observed in employees’ measure of vulnerability, the organization can:

  • restrict his access to information that is sensitive to the company’s interest,
  • upload monitoring software on his computer and keep a watch on the data usage patterns.

With security attack simulator and awareness tools like ThreatCop, employees go through a four-step simulation cycle, where the employees are made to go through simulated attacks that are based on real-life cyber-attacks. Based on the employees’ response and behaviour towards the simulated attack, employees are scored in percentage. If this percentage crosses the industrial standard for most of the employees, it is likely that the organization is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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