VAPT Security Services


Web and mobile applications are the most common entry points for attackers. Using simulated assaults to detect and exploit vulnerabilities, application testing assesses the Web Application's cyber security.

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A method for assessing security policies throughout a network to find and visualize flaws as well as analyze risks. MiTM, DoS, and Deauthentication attacks are all extremely dangerous to wireless networks.

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Cloud security testing is a model in which security-as-a-service providers do on-demand application security testing in the cloud. A simulated cyber-attack hosted on a cloud provider is referred to as Cloud Security testing.

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Using our innovative testing methodology and a professionally qualified security services team, we can proactively discover threats and vulnerabilities in IoT applications and servers. These attacks can either render a gadget useless or allow the attacker to abuse it.

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Secure Code Review

A secure code review is a process of detecting and correcting coding problems early in the development process before they become a high-level security concern. The examination aids in the detection of hidden vulnerabilities, design problems, and insecure coding methods.

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An in-depth investigation, inspection, processes, evaluation, and strategies for preventing medical device hacking. An example would be unauthorized access to medical devices or the exposure of sensitive data.

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Cyber Security Company
250 +

Weeks of Security Testing experience

500 +

Applications successfully tested and delivered

5000 +

IT Infrastructure devices tested including IoT and Medical devices

18000 +

Test cases covered across Web, Mobile, and IT Infra

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through the FAQs given below to find answers to the commonly raised questions related to the VAPT services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a security testing methodology that is composed of two, more specific methods within the same area of focus. The test is undertaken to perform security vulnerability assessment and identify the exploitable security vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT infrastructure.
You may have moved your assets to the cloud, however, that doesn’t mean that your data is 100% secure. Cloud security testing services are crucial to the security assurance of the cloud environment, systems and services.
The timeline of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing depends on the type of testing and the size of your network and applications.
There is no fixed price for a vulnerability assessment and penetration test. The cost depends on the time and effort it takes to carry out VAPT on your network and systems.
Yes, Kratikal is counted amongst the top VAPT companies in India. Our cyber security experts provide cyber security consulting services to help you protect your company’s systems, grow your business, and deploy proper security solutions to ensure safe operation.

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