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Kratikal assists you to make simpler the intricate process of maintaining your company security as well as compliance, so you can focus on GMV and increasing profits.


Kratikal helps the retailer to get well-organized around compliance, get better protection of susceptible data and fight the most up-to-date threats to their product while removing difficulty and lowering costs. Whether you’re looking to make more efficient compliance, raise security, or roll out new technology initiative to increase reasonable edge, Kratikal is in your corner, with:

  • Compliance professionals that assist you completely.
  • Provides integrated security technologies through a solitary source.
  • Provides 24x7x365 support and dedicated security and compliance expert.
  • To secure your data provides cloud-based management services.


Are you hunting for a technique to make simpler your PCI Compliance program, save your business, manage your budget, and stay your team determined on business priorities? With packaged solution bundles, professional management, and computerized tools, we eliminate the day-to-day difficulty of compliance and data security, so you can remain focused on what you're passionate about – exceeding the prospect of your customers.

Our Approach

Kratikal ensures to offer security that protects and safeguards your data. We believe that security is all about trusted relationships, that’s why as we focus on helping our E-Commerce companies in improving their compliance and security posture. With the most up-to-date technological innovations, we make sure that you stay ahead of malicious threats across your business. Our specialists are enthusiastic about your success. Kratikal offers you better design security to keep your business protected and make sure that you have the technologies and tools you require to meet your potential business goals.