Kratikal enables a holistic approach to minimize the cyber security risk of public data by proactive approach during development and process in supporting the public sector.


The government websites’ and agencies are searched from all sides so the risk of threat is also at peak. Variously sponsored adversaries maintain to search systems and remuneration attacks that grow in sophistication. Their end goal ranges from stealing susceptible data and conducting an investigation to disrupting and defacing websites.

A recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the government agencies are inconsistent in implementing cyber security requirements. Specifically, the GAO found a problem with the agencies' capability in:

  • Implementing the designs of various risk-based cybersecurity programs.
  • Establishing and identifying standards for vital infrastructures.



Kratikal helps you collect and analyze security events so you can mark anomalous performance before it troubles your association. In the improbable case of a thriving attack, our forensic investigators can right away come in to recognize the source of the attack.


Through Kratikal cloud-based platform, you get a solitary view into of your technologies and services, so you can more efficiently handle your security program. In addition, you can centrally automate and direct controls, policies, and actions across many compliance frameworks.

How We Do

Kratikal enables government customers to take a holistic move towards security risk management. We can help your database to discover, and assess inappropriate access controls within databases, and map to needs included in the DHS CDM Program. With our security program, you can protect all of your web and mobile applications with wide-ranging vulnerability testing from the Kratikal App Scanner family of solutions. With our Secure Email Gateway, we prevent data-stealing attacks from entering the network.