Managed Security Services

Secure Your Web & Mobile Apps and Infrastructure by Kratikal's "Secure For Sure" Program

Managed Security Services

Web Application Security

Web Application Security solutions from Kratikal enables you to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data where it’s accessed–your web applications–securing them against web attacks, DDoS, site scraping, and fraud.

Mobile App Security

Kratikal's Mobile Application Security testing is designed for all mobile i.e Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry applications. Our experts examine your critical business security areas, and verify your applications according to industry standards.

Third Party App Security

With our Third Party Application Security Testing program, you outsource both third-party application management and security testing of third-party applications to us. Our binary static analysis technology, unique in the industry, allows us securing the intellectual property of our clients.

IT Infrastructure Security

Kratikal vision describes Information security with infrastructure security and we offer the full gamut of security services from monitoring to testing to management along with Risk &vulnerability assessments, 24x7 monitoring for internal/external threats,Installation, configuration & management of security infrastructure Security Operations Center (SOC).

Network Security

Network Security is an important aspect of securing an organization from cyber attacks. Kratikal's network security services scan and protect the network from global threats. We perform in-depth scanning of your LAN and suggest preventive hardware and software to protect your network. It helps the organization to maintain the continuity and resilience of their network.

In-house Penetration Testing

Kratikal’s series of penetration tests combine a range of advanced manual tests by our experienced and expert in-house penetration testers with a number of automated vulnerability scans, using multiple tools and techniques.This service will aid our clients in securing the complete infrastructure along with the application,tools,products and database security.

Automation Testing

Quick Automation

Kratikal provides automated tests which can be executed much faster and can run unattended, which saves valuable time and personnel costs for our clients.This service helps test the products of our clients for reducing cost and time of execution.

Regression testing

Regression Tests perfomed by Kratikal's continuous automation services which helps in every release to ensure future code releases stay bug-free and less troublesome.

Agile Testing

Repetitive tests can be pre-set, so testers can focus on testing new features within shortened time frames while codebases are updated over elongated development cycles.This provides our clients flexibility in use of our testing services along with development services.

Manual Testing

By saving testers from repetitive and dull tests, test automation liberates them to use their creativity, knowledge, and instincts to discover more crucial issues.

SQA Consulting

Strategy Designing

Kratikal supports its clients with innovative test strategies.The strategies are much more generic and static divided in levels for convience of the clients.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement suggestions by Kratikal is a leading model that provides an objective, step-by-step guide to realizing business-driven test process improvements for our clients.

Test Automation

Kratikal’s In-built tools are affordable and powerful enough for our clients that our clients trust us for the best ways to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of their software testing.

Cost Optimization

Our test managers work in tandem with your in-house product and create a high synergy process that shortens the quality lifecycle of your application along with reduced cost.

Automation Frameworks

Linear Scripting

Kratikal delivers fastest way to generate script through built-in tools with easy to learn features and record & playback approach.

Library Architecture Framework

Our clients trust on our library architecture framework due to its Structured Scripting method. The automation scripts are less costly to develop and easy to maintain.

Data-Driven Testing Framework

We provide independent test Scripts that do not affect the test data along with test case execution with multiple sets of data helping faster execution to save time. Our clients can also work on variety of test Scenarios by just varying the test Data in the External Data File.

Table-Driven Testing Framework

Many people prefer defining test cases in a table due to convinience reasons. With Kratikal, it’s possible to implement test cases based on keywords in a table-like workplace as well with inheritated pre-defined keywords.

Hybrid Test Automation Framework

The Hybrid Automation Framework is created by combining distinct features of two or more frameworks which is a blend of the best features of various Automation Frameworks being highly robust and flexible.

SQA Process Auditing


Our team creates cost evaluations, scope assessments, and timelines for each client - ensuring that client logistics are met. We support on Classifying the objective of a service,General documentation of existing processes and Recommendation formulation in relation to the results.

Development of QA Strategy

We provide a comprehensive direction for the testing strategy, evaluations of delays,resolve internal issues and defining advantageous ways to achieve stated goals through testing plans and adjusted scope of tests.

Tools & Technology Selection

We help our clients in evaluating and deciding upon an appropriate test environment and utilization of bug tracking systems, task and requirement management systems, and reporting systems. We also assess on appropriate testing tools for automation or specific test types.

Development of QA Process

We provide Continuous evaluation of your evolving software which ensures you have stable, well-defined SQA processes beyond our work along with supervision over any necessary adjustment to the process resulting from a changed market or altered project situation.