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Web application is becoming an important element for companies these days. For any organization, web application is a medium through which they can showcase their business in-front of the world. Not only that, mobile and web application help any firm in improving convenience for their users. Being the front face of any industry, web applications face maximum number of cyber-attacks. In a framework where hackers have access to such sensitive data; with a bout of creativity, and some human error, any web application can be susceptible to web attacks. The simplest solution to this problem is to adopt the practice of Web Application Security. One must be wondering what exactly is Web Application Security. Web Application Security is a process that involves the protection of online services and websites against a number of security threats that have the ability to target the slightest of the vulnerability that is present in the code of an application. Securing a web application is extremely important since it is one of the main components of any business based on web. Cyber security companies like Kratikal provides web applications security that keeps your organization’s defense mechanism up-to date, thus making you cyber secure.


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Kratikal, one of the most trusted standards for companies and individuals acquiring services for ensuring the safety of their business, brands and dignity from baffling cyber-attacks. Founded in 2012, Kratikal provides end-to-end cyber security solutions to our clients. We have always believed in securing People-Process-Technology which results in letting us offer impenetrable security to our clients. Kratikal offers a complete suite of manual and automated security testing services. Services such as web application security, vulnerability assessment of cloud and server are our forte. We also provide penetration testing of an organization’s network and infrastructure. Kratikal has unequivocal quality and flawless customer experience when it comes to VAPT of IT resources. In the past 4 years, Kratikal has tested 500+ applications and 5000+ IT infrastructures ranging from E-commerce, Cloud Service Platforms, Manufacturing, Fintech, NBFC, Telecom, Consumer Internet, BFSI, Healthcare and more. Kratikal also provides security auditing for compliances like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001. The company’s flagship product, ThreatCop is a security attack simulator and awareness tool to automate the testing process providing real-time analysis of threats, bugs and vulnerabilities. It also generates detailed reports regarding the product. We have extended our services to India, US, UK and MENA (Middle-east & North Africa) and thus gaining the support of more than 60 clients.

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Kratikal provides complete suite of manual and automated security testing services.

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